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I can definitely say one of the best experience I've had in quite some time. Duke was very helpfulful since the moment we called. Kevin and Patricia Schwartz D.D.S made me feel at ease with removal of my wisdom tooth!


Yelp Cynthia B

Had a great experience! I was able to take my 11 month old son with me with no hassle. He is well behaved for up to an hour and a half and easy for the employees to navigate around him. Going in for a cleaning, I ended up having a cavity. I came back for the filling a couple weeks later. Let's just say, wow! It took me over an hour and 8 shots to get numb. By the time the drilling was done, my boy got a little fussy. One of the front desk girls came back, picked him up and fed & entertained him. I was so grateful for their kindship towards my lil dude.

The environment is friendly and clean. With all the numbing, I ended up biting my tongue and not even knowing it. I wish the assistant was a little more on the ball protecting that from happening while the dentist was busy.

I have already passed their info on to a couple people.

Thanks for the service!


Yelp Zoey B

Excellent experience with Duke and Patricia Schwartz DDS. They are defiantly here for the patient. Thank you to everyone who got me back up and running from a broken tooth, root canal procedure the day after Christmas.


Yelp Sean L

Being in the dental field i have become very picky about the office i go to. I asked many questions and they didnt know i was in the dental field yet acted very professional and answered all my questions. They know what theyre doing and they try to keep you as comftorable as possible. Everyone is very friendly. Im done looking for offices. I found the one! (:


Yelp Zugheit

Kind, friendly, nice staff and dentist!!!!! Good tip on how to differentiate healthy gum line. Didn't wait long. Had the melon flavored fluoride paste, taste good!


Yelp Crystal

Dr Patricia is one amazing woman. She is an expert in her field and is so gentile. Her office worked within my budget and and everyone went out of the way to do the best that they could for me. I will never go anywhere else.


Yelp Ted

Just want to say that this place is SO accommodating as far as your schedule goes. I called them up yesterday and was able to get an appointment the next day... Awesome! Unfortunately, something came up & wasn't able to make it to my appointment today and was a little bummed...called Orange Dental & they got me in for tomorrow! I am so thankful this...Excellent ratings & reviews and accommodating - works for me! Can't wait for my appointment tomorrow... 🙂


Yelp Kel

They hooked up our whole football team, thanks Orange Dental Care. Orange Lutheran Football.


Yelp Diane

My wisdom tooth was impacted and I was in so much pain for weeks. My current dentist wasn't open during any of my times of availability and was about 30 miles from where I worked. Closer to home though. One afternoon after missing yet another appointment because of traffic I found this dentist office 5 mins from my work and was amazed by their hours and reviews. I made an appointment for the next day and got my wisdom tooth removed. It was an amazing experience even I just that one appointment. They had me set up for anything I needed helped me figure out insurance and treated me like I've always been a patient. I will now only be going to this place for any dental work I need. Open weekends so I can take my son and make appointments for myself. Kristy was amazing and made paperwork super easy too. I can see why they get such great reviews.


Best dental care i have ever received, i had a dental emergency on a Sunday and within a few hours I received the treatment I needed. I am switching from a big chain dental care to these guys!!


Yelp Mary

One Sunday afternoon, I suddenly got the worst tooth pain EEEEVER!!!!! It escalated so quickly that I had no idea what to do! I was in a condition I've never been in. My husband called a few places prior to calling Orange Dental, They were all either closed, about to close or not answering the phone. We also called a few who could not see me until the following day!

My husband called and Martin answered his phone call. They were able to squeeze me in for an exam and to try and see what exactly was going on. As soon as we arrived, Martin greeted us. He was extremely friendly and very knowledgeable. For us, customer service is a must where ever we go and this place seemed to have it all together. Martin helped us with our registration form and asked a few questions. He also checked my insurance and soon after, I was ready for my exam.

Here at Orange Dental, I saw Dr. Patricia. As soon as she started talking to me. I felt at ease. She asked me about my day, we talked a little bit about our family and our plans we had that weekend. After that she told me she was going to numb me. I have always been hard to numb and have always had problems with Morphine, Norco, and a few other things i have gotten in the past for pain. I needed more and more numbing because I could still feel what they were doing to me. Every time I raised my hand, Dr. Patricia immediately stopped and patiently waited. Not once did I hear her sigh or give me any faces. I finally got numb and we went for it again! She took her time and was very gentle and would ask me from time to time if i was feeling okay. She would also ask if I had already started getting a bad taste and she would clean my mouth up a bit.

Ever since I was a child, I have had so much fear of the dentist. I am happy to say I have found a dentist office I can trust.

Thank you so much to all the staff at Orange Dental Care for all your hard work, it really does show that every single one of you care about your patients.


Yelp Giselle

I have been to quite a few dentists, and some of them I felt were not completely honest with me nor had my best interest in mind. I definitely feel like I can trust the doctor's and front office here.
Everyone is super nice and friendly!


Yelp Hammad

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